The registration is the most important thing you NEED to do. You can registrate in registration week, otherwise you need to pay a fee for it.

By registrating, your student status with the University will become active. The Central Academic Office sends out an email, which contains more information about the registration. Their website:

For the registration you will need the following:

  • Valid passport and its photocopy
  • Letter of Acceptance
  • Transcripts and diplomas of your previous studies and their photocopies
  • Proof of required English proficiency (only for MSc and PhD students)
  • Letter of Award (only for Stipendium Hungaricum students)
  • Receipt of paid health insurance fee (only for fee-paying students)
  • 1 passport size photo

Physical Education

You will need to complete two semesters of P.E. in the University. One Physical Education 1 and one Physical Education 2. There are A, B, and C categories of P.E. Category A is free of charge, category B includes sports with fees, and category C includes exemptions from P.E.


The official page of the subjects is edu.bme.epito. All the information about the subjects are uploaded here. You can log into here with your eduID.

0. test

You will need to take a level surveyor mathematic test, this is what we call 0. test. The test covers high school level mathematics. The important part of this test is that you cant use calculators, and if you give a wrong answer, you get subtracted a point.

Neptun payments

If you need to pay fees according with the University, you will be able to pay them via Neptun. You can either pay by credit card, or by your own omnibus account. This is basically a bank account, from which the fees automatically get subtracted, without you having to manually pay them. In order for it to work, you need to send a payment to the account.

Information for the account:

Number of account: 10032000 – 01425279 – 01120008

Note: NK-ABC123 (Where you will put your own neptun id instead of ABC123)

Swift code: HUSTHUHB

The arrival of the payment can take multiple days.

Applying for exams

You can apply for exams via Neptun. You simply go to “Exams”, then to exam registration. Here you give the current semester, and then search for your exam. Once you found it, you press the plus icon, and you press register. It is important that you can only do this during given periods, when the exam application is open.

Active-Passive student status

At the beginning of each semester, after the registration you need to state if you would like to be in an active status or in a passive status.

  • Students with active status can continue their studies.
  • Students with passive status can’t continue their studies that semester. You student status is on a break. You can only passivate 2 semesters after one another.

It is important that you state which status you want to start your semester in time!


Each subject has a certain amount of credits tied to it. If you complete the subject, you ear the credits for it. You need to earn a specific amount of credits for your diploma.

Advised programs

The University gives advised programs which they recommend to follow while you study at the University. These programs help you with which subjects to apply in order to complete your diploma. You do not need to follow these programs, but it is highly recommended.

Subject criteria

Some subject have certain criterias. These criterias are usually different subjects you have to complete in order the apply for a given subject. For instance, you can’t apply for Mathematics 2, if you haven’t done Mathematics 1.


In order to complete a subject, you need to meet the subject’s semester criteria. This is usually multiple tests that you have to pass, or homeworks you have to hand in in time.

Subjects can be put into 3 main categories:

  • Obligatory courses, these are necessary for your studies, and you have to complete them in order to complete your diploma
  • Optional obligatory courses, these are usually topic specific subjects, which are given in a group, and you have to choose a certain amount of the group
  • Optional courses, theses are courses that you can apply, if you find them interesting. It is important to mention, that in order to complete your diploma, you need to complete 12 credits worth of optional courses.

Subject accreditation

If you have studied certain subject before, you might be able to accreditate them. This means you either gain credits for it, or you even better, you can complete subjects with them. If what you studied matches a course here, for at least 75%, that course automatically gets completed for you. Of course this is a rare occasion. The process is overviewed by the accreditation committee.


The general studies for scholarship students is free, but there are still fees that can apply to you. These fees usually include handing in late assignments, or repeating a course, or a test.

Late handing in of a homework: 2500 Ft
Re-re taking a test: 4500 Ft/test (usually you need to apply)
Taking a 3rd or more exam from the same subject: 4500 Ft/exam
Re taking a class: 4500 Ft
Being absent from an exam:  5500Ft
Passive status post factum: 5500 Ft
Late fee for dormitories:1400 Ft
Payment after due date: 1400 Ft
Post factum course application: 5500 Ft
Applied, but not completed subjects: 4500 Ft
Credits, taken up after the 10% plus: 4500 Ft

These fees are stated in the Regulations of student fees and benefits.