Dear Visitors!

As the president of the Students’ Union of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, I would like to welcome you on our official website. We made this site for international students in our faculty, for Erasmus+ applicants searching for a place to travel or those who have made their choice and for anyone else interested in our faculty.

I hope you find the information you need and have a nice time in the faculty.

Best regards,

Lőrinczi Martin Rafael
(SU president)

Lőrinczi Martin Rafael

Lőrinczi Martin Rafael



Baranyai Dóra Eszter

Baranyai Dóra Eszter

in charge of Foreign Affairs



During breaks, these opening hours aren’t valid! If you wish to talk to a member in person, please contact us at kepviselet@emkhk.hu, or at baranyai.dora@emkhk.hu


As you can see our website is still under development. If you are unable to find the information you need, feel free to contact the person currently in charge on Foreign Affairs.

Find their contact information below:

  • baranyai.dora@emkhk.hu – Baranyai Dóra Eszter (SU representative in charge of Foreign Affairs)
  • international@bmeehk.hu(official contact email of the SU of the University)

When writing an email please state your name, faculty, year of study and your training code or name as well.

Our office

You can find our office, in the Vásárhelyi Pál Dormitory, Budapest, Kruspér street 2, 1111.

When you enter the building, you must turn left. You need to walk until you see the rotating entry system. Our office is left of there, it has a brown door, which reads: “Hallgatói Képviselet”, or Student Union in English.