We welcome you the BME Faculty of Civil Engineering!

We are the Student Union of the Faculty (SU). We manly deal with dormitory accommodation, review of social applications. Furthermore, we also deal with educational questions, and with grant applications too. If you have any questions with the mentioned above, feel free to contact us!

The beginning of your new university life comes with a lot of new information and obstacle, so please do the following:

Go over carefully what you need to do before you start your studies. IMT has all the necessary steps described, so please visit their page.

Join the official Facebook group of your year! The members of this group are your classmates, members of SU, and your mentors, so you will get quick answers for all of your questions.

Follow the Facebook page of the SU, as it contains valuable news related to all matters concerning the university.

If you did not find the answer to you question here, feel free to contact us. You can write an email to the person who is in charge of foreign affairs in the SU,, or you can write an email to

Send us an email!