Képítő Photogroup

Web page: foto.vpk.bme.hu
Dormitory room: B319
Meeting time:  Wednesday 19:00


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Our circle is responsible for capturing the moments of the Faculty of Civil Engineering. From cultural events all the way to parties, you can find us anywhere. Our members and candidates work hard, so that your memories can be captured in photos. You can download photos from events that go back years from our website. We usually hold displays in the hall of the dormitory or when KVzoo opens. The “topic of the month” is made so that we can let our creativity fly, we decide on a topic, and try to make something unique regarding it.

In our community, you can learn tricks involving studio  photography, laboratory photography, and party photography. If you like photography, or would like to know how to do photography, or you just want to be part of a good community, come to one of our meetings in VPK B319, at 19:00 every Wednesday.

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Képítő Photogroup